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TIPS on using www.WinTheView tools to accelerate your job search

Hello, my name is Ken Diamond and I created these on-line job seekers tools after 20 years of sales and marketing experience along with the last 15 years in executive search / recruiting and placing over 1,000 candidates in a variety of roles. The WinTheView tools are designed to help job candidates’ to better prepare and differentiate themselves throughout the job search process with an emphasis on nailing the interview. The following are tips on the best ways to utilize the online tools to your advantage. If you have questions – call Ken Diamond at 215-815-8391 or email kjdiamond@wintheview.com

Find these tools at http://www.wintheview.com


As an executive recruiter, I can tell you most candidates do not communicate their career successes in a clear and effective manner. I ask potential candidates to tell me about their greatest career success story and they typically don’t know where to begin. The “success story tool” within WTV will help you create your career STAR stories. Situation, Task, Action and Result. The Result should emphasize measureable results. Use these mini case studies to make crystal clear your experiences and successes as they relate to the job descriptions hiring criteria. Create as many as you wish and they will be stored for you on the WTV site. Send the PDF’s of your stories along with your resume to get more interviews. Hiring managers need to know that you were good at what you do, not just the number of years you have done it.



Have you ever been asked “so what do you do” and stumbled through your answer? Known traditionally as an Elevator Pitch, this statement should be carefully crafted using appropriate key words that communicate who you are and what you can do. WTV will guide you through this process and even enable your video camera to help you practice or even publish your video pitch out to an on-line portfolio (also part of the WTV tools). With WTV tools, you can make as many pitches as you wish and the system will save them for you. Be ready and be clear with your explanation and delivery!



Do what thousands of successful job candidates have done to get noticed and nail their interview for offers – use the WTV tools to guide you through the creation of a powerful marketing document that directly correlates your abilities and successes to the hiring specifications. Built by sales and executive search professionals, WTV follows a consultative approach to articulate your value as a job candidate. Just follow the online guide and design your personalized PDF document for excellent preparation, use to guide the conversation during the interview and get your key points across, or as a powerful leave-behind for each of the hiring team members. You will create a “buzz” within the hiring team and stand out among other candidates. This assumes of course that you are in fact a good potential fit for the role. WTV helps you market yourself to be selected among the competition.



The WTV online portfolio feature gives you the ability to build a customized web page that clearly communicates who you are and highlights the skills and accomplishments you bring to the table. It also addresses key concerns for hiring managers and recruiters so you can make their job easy in selecting you and advancing your candidacy. If you don’t yet have a specific opportunity in mind, then use it to create a powerful networking and career branding portfolio. After you develop the content, you simply select the tabs to be published on your portfolio. The WTV system will generate your own personal URL which you may use as you wish. You may publish a customized and unique online portfolio for each opportunity you wish to pursue.

Content for your online portfolio will come from tools found in the development center of WinTheView including accomplishment story development, interview presentations and a video elevator pitch. Other content may be entered as needed or uploaded from your existing documents to complete your personalized page. You have the option to select which tabs will be published on the page where your build your online portfolio.




As a job candidate, do you have a strategy to clearly communicate your career accomplishments as they relate to the key hiring criteria?

In my executive search firm, every day I interview candidates with the goal of pinpointing highly qualified candidates for a given opportunity. And most do not have a strategy or understand how to talk through their successes in a way that is succinct and compelling.

One of the most challenging tasks when speaking with potential candidates is to have the candidate clearly and concisely communicate their career successes as they relate to the key hiring criteria for the position I’m recruiting for.

Recruiters (corporate or headhunters) don’t have a lot of time to spend listening because they typically are working on multiple search assignments and want to get to the important stuff asap!

The best way to organize career successes is very simple and is used by career professionals to help in the resume writing process. The process is known as creating STAR, CAR or SOAR stories. It lays a foundation for clearly describing (in an interview or in writing) an example of how a past performance can be a predictor of future success for the position being pursued. Recruiters and hiring managers want information to be delivered clearly and relevant and this format provides an easy way to do so and make a strong impression.

STAR / SOAR / CAR – These acronyms basically stand for

S – What was the situation?

O or T – What was the obstacle, Task or Challenge?

A – What was the action taken to resolve the challenge?

R – What was the measureable result? (This is the most important detail)

These stories should be written out and talked through (rehearsed) in advance of phone interviews, informational interviews or in person interviews. Trained interviewers will likely recognize (and be impressed) with this approach and it will make less seasoned interviewers job a lot easier. Basically, they are mini case studies that drive home the key qualifications of the job candidate.

At our search firm www.digital-action.com, we’ve developed on-line tools to accommodate this approach and enable creation of multiple stories that are stored securely online. The site is also available to any job seekers at a nominal cost and two day trial. Visit www.wintheview.com to explore this success story tool and additional tools to get an edge in the job search challenge. Call Ken Diamond with any questions at 215-948-3722.

Had to share this great Interview Presentation Success Story

I recently had a person send me this summary of her experience as she was asked to fly across the country for an interview and had to prepare a presentation at the request of the hiring company.  I have to say Laura used WinTheView exactly as I intended when the on-line tool was developed.  As testimonials go, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Hope you’re having a great summer and business is good!

Here’s her story: 

“I received a call for an in-person interview (out of state) and was informed that I would need to do a presentation as well.  But, because I wasn’t familiar with their computer equipment, I didn’t feel comfortable doing a powerpoint presentation.  So, I began searching online for “job interview presentations” and came across your website (www.wintheview.com).  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I looked at the samples and it looked like it would answer many of the questions that the interviewers would have.  While I also looked at other websites that could offer this type of presentation, they didn’t look as professional, and looked like they were trying to copy your website.  I also wanted a website that could offer me topics/suggestions and one that would set me apart from the rest.  As I started putting my presentation together on http://www.wintheview.com , I was surprised as to how easy it was.  There are many helpful tools to help you, such as:  action words, branding examples, etc…., so I quickly finished it and then submitted my presentation to Mimeo to have it professionally binded and printed.  Within one day, it arrived and I couldn’t believe how great it looked.  The overall week that I spent putting my presentation together, allowed me to look deeper into myself and help me realize what skills, experience, and knowledge that I do have to offer a new employer.  On a daily basis, you seem to get lost in the day-to-day duties and don’t realize how successful you really are.  I went to my job interview/presentation with 5 copies and handed out one to each of my interviewers, keeping one for myself.  Then I walked through each page and expanded on the topics, so that it wouldn’t be boring to the interviewers.   When I was finished, I received compliments from each interviewer on such a great & professional presentation.  There weren’t too many questions that my interviewers had after the presentation either.  The best part of this, is that I was offered the job!  I am still getting compliments on my presentation and have been telling everyone about it.  It was a great learning experience for me and helped me feel more confident about myself and what I can really do.  I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get an “edge” on the competition.  It does really work!!  Many Thanks to Ken Diamond for providing support for this great service. ”

Thank you again for everything.  If you need me to expand further on an area that I used, just let me know.

Laura R

If you would like to see the latest version of the http://www.wintheview.com on-line tools, please let me know.  Our upcoming release will include an improved follow up letter function along with a NEW ELEVATOR PITCH function.

Best regards,
Ken Diamond
Founder & CEO of WinTheView.com and search firm http://www.digital-action.com

Applying Solution selling techniques – to WinTheInterview

Several years ago (in 1999) I was called by a recruiter on an opportunity which represented a big jump in my career path both professionally and financially.  I was selling typesetting (black and white only) systems for AGFA Compugraphic and the opportunity was to sell color prepress systems for Scitex, the leader in the industry.

At the time, I was going through a consultative selling course with AGFA which focused on the step of sale approach.  The steps being:

1. Identify your target company and do the due diligence

2. Make the introduction

3. Conduct the needs analysis

4. Write a letter of understanding

5. Provide a demonstration

6. Present a proposal solution

7. Negotiate and close the deal

8. Implement the services and assure client satisfaction

I decided to apply this step of sale approach to my interview with Scitex by creating a table top flip chart presentation which followed these steps.  I prepared this after I did my needs analysis step and determined I was a good fit and I wanted the job badly.  (There was no off the shelf presentation software available).

I started the interview with the usual small talk and when we got into why I was qualified and should be hired (in my opinion), I asked for permission to share the presentation / discussion points I had prepared.  I was very excited to do this because I had taken the time to carefully prepare the key points and accomplishments that supported my qualifications for the position. 

The best part is that the control of the interview shifted and I guided the discussion.  As I finished my points and summarized why I should be hired, the VP of Sales fell back in his chair laughing and said YOU’VE GOT THE JOB.  It created quite a buzz at the kickoff meeting and several people asked if I was the guy who gave the presentation in the interview.

Since then, I have used the same approach to help my candidates (I own a search firm) prepare better and differentiate themselves during the interview process.  I am very excited to announce that our team has created an on-line version of this approach www.wintheview.com and it is already a huge success, helping thousands of people do better in their interviews and increases their chances of beating the competition and get more job offers.