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Had to share this great Interview Presentation Success Story

I recently had a person send me this summary of her experience as she was asked to fly across the country for an interview and had to prepare a presentation at the request of the hiring company.  I have to say Laura used WinTheView exactly as I intended when the on-line tool was developed.  As testimonials go, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Hope you’re having a great summer and business is good!

Here’s her story: 

“I received a call for an in-person interview (out of state) and was informed that I would need to do a presentation as well.  But, because I wasn’t familiar with their computer equipment, I didn’t feel comfortable doing a powerpoint presentation.  So, I began searching online for “job interview presentations” and came across your website (www.wintheview.com).  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I looked at the samples and it looked like it would answer many of the questions that the interviewers would have.  While I also looked at other websites that could offer this type of presentation, they didn’t look as professional, and looked like they were trying to copy your website.  I also wanted a website that could offer me topics/suggestions and one that would set me apart from the rest.  As I started putting my presentation together on http://www.wintheview.com , I was surprised as to how easy it was.  There are many helpful tools to help you, such as:  action words, branding examples, etc…., so I quickly finished it and then submitted my presentation to Mimeo to have it professionally binded and printed.  Within one day, it arrived and I couldn’t believe how great it looked.  The overall week that I spent putting my presentation together, allowed me to look deeper into myself and help me realize what skills, experience, and knowledge that I do have to offer a new employer.  On a daily basis, you seem to get lost in the day-to-day duties and don’t realize how successful you really are.  I went to my job interview/presentation with 5 copies and handed out one to each of my interviewers, keeping one for myself.  Then I walked through each page and expanded on the topics, so that it wouldn’t be boring to the interviewers.   When I was finished, I received compliments from each interviewer on such a great & professional presentation.  There weren’t too many questions that my interviewers had after the presentation either.  The best part of this, is that I was offered the job!  I am still getting compliments on my presentation and have been telling everyone about it.  It was a great learning experience for me and helped me feel more confident about myself and what I can really do.  I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get an “edge” on the competition.  It does really work!!  Many Thanks to Ken Diamond for providing support for this great service. ”

Thank you again for everything.  If you need me to expand further on an area that I used, just let me know.

Laura R

If you would like to see the latest version of the http://www.wintheview.com on-line tools, please let me know.  Our upcoming release will include an improved follow up letter function along with a NEW ELEVATOR PITCH function.

Best regards,
Ken Diamond
Founder & CEO of WinTheView.com and search firm http://www.digital-action.com